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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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rammy rammy was last seen at 10:00 p.m. last night when her mother put her to bed in the crib right beside her in the master bedroom. according to thes, when the mom woke up to feed the baby, the crib was empty. friends and family searchedded the house and the baby was nowhere to be found and the back door was wide open. last we heard, 100 people were taking part in a search effort. the parents, they went to the sheriff's office for questioning, which is standard procedure in case like this. at this point, investigators are calling this a missing persons case, not a child abduction. >> i would like to say we have somebody identified that actually took the baby, but we don't. we don't have any evidence to indicate somebody walked in and actually took the baby from the house. obviously that's a possibility. and it's not something that we are casting aside. it's one of the possibilities of what occurred here today.
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>> i think somebody came into the house and took the baby out. that's the only thing that it could be. i mean, they're just not that type of people. people say, you know, weren't you watching your kid? it was right next to youle he said, i know. you're probably asking me, how did this happen? but he said that somebody came into my house and took the baby. and they sleep very soundly, they're heavy sleepers. >> friends and family of family prayed in a circle. they said she was a happy little girl that loved to be held and made everybody smile. live in knightsen, lillian kim. >> alan: our other top story, los angeles police announcedded the arrest of the suspect in the beating of san francisco giants fan bryan stow. we're at san francisco general
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hospital with the latest. >> reporter: this arrest happened this morning in east hollywood area in los angeles. police say they're confident they have the right man in custody this evening. but they are still searching for two more people. one man believed to be involved in the attack and the woman who is believed to have driven the getaway car. los angeles police called the map they arrested the primary aggressor in the brutal beating of bryan stow. more than 20 detectives have been working for a total of more than 1,000 hours to make an arrest. the police chief says the investigation is in the early staidges. >> 7:00 this morning i got a phone call from our chief of operations, and he said the words i have been waiting for seven week. he said we had bryan's assault suspect in custody. >> reporter: police aren't releasing any information about the man until he is booked this evening. but he is a reputed member of a los angeles street gang. officers dressed in s.w.a.t. gear surrounded his east
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hollywood apartment at 7:00 this morning. in a phone interview, stow's sister called the news overwhelming. >> i can't tell you the emotions right now. to be excited its the least we can see. we don't even know. >> reporter: it's been nearly a week since stow was transported to san francisco general hospital where he is in critical condition. though he recently opened his eyes and has had fewer seize utah, this long term recover is uncertain. >> it's a good thing they found those goods. >> paramedic colleagues paid a visit today. >> wrong for those guys to do that. justice is going to happen. >> reporter: hundreds of tips have come into los angeles police since the beating. but it was a tip from his parole agent that led l.a.p.d. to the suspect. the mayor antonio villaraigosa calls the case a horrific tragedy. >> like to say a special thank you to everyone who came forward with information in this case,
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no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed at the time, each fact was a critical piece in putting this puzzle together. >> reporter: while more than 630 tips altogether came in on this case. as for those suspects that are in custody, other people were detained in this case. police aren't saying yet what their role is in this investigation. reporting in san francisco, abc 'news. >> alan: news of the arrest reached fans as they arrived at at&t park today for the finale of the bay bridge series. >> it's not acceptable in l.a., and i'm very happy they caught this guy. hopefully the other guy is right behind. >> glad they finally found someone and justice can be brought. >> great thing they got caught. nobody deserves that to happen. >> the recognition that the
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people that perpetrated this crime will not be perpetrating these crimes again is somewhat comforting to us, and of course very, very comforting to the family. >> i was just hoping it would have been a little quicker. as long as they get them in the end, heat that's what is important. >> alan: donations from fans in the bay area and all around the country made it possible for stow to be transferred closer to home at san francisco general hospital. >> the fiery explosion that blew up an apartment unit in livermore may be linked to illegal drug activities. fire investigators found evidence but have yet to determine the exact cause of the explosion that happened around 5:00 yesterday on silver oaks way in downtown livermore. three people inside the apartment, two men and a woman, suffered severe burns and are in critical condition. one witness says one of the men had his hand blown off. in fairfield, police locate lead to young children who were
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missing for nearly a day. police found ten-year-old trinity richardson and her five-year-old brother gregory and six-year-old sister lilly today. they were found safely with their mother, kristina lopez. there was a miscommunication between the children's mother and their guardian. >> dooms day prophet harold camping says he is shocked his prediction about the rapture did not happen yesterday. we caught up with camping this afternoon outside his alameda home. he told us that the doesn't understand what went wrong and that he has to go back and look at the information again. a board member of camping's family, radio international, says the public is owed an apology. camping calculated the rapture would occur saturday at 6:00 p.m. the millionaire spent thousands of dollars to spread the word on billboards and posters.
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san francisco celebrate harvey milk day by transforming the murdered city leaders camera shop into a crisis center for lgpt youth. >> tonight we twail begin -- will begin to take the cause from these kids across the country to provide them a better future. >> alan: several members of milk's inner circle joined the ceremony. milk used to answer calls from inside his store from young people. >> what was so much a part of harvey's life and his work, to make sure that every young person would know and understand that his and her -- his or her life was not only due respect and dignity and validation, but had great worth. >> alan: and today would have been harvey milk's 81st
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81st birthday. >> up next, president obama, fending off concerns he is making a propalestinan approach in the middle east. >> in new york, an apartment building that has become one of the hottest destinations for tourists in new york city. and just in time for memorial day, lower prices at the pump. >> leigh: a terrific day to fly a kite. the wind has really been howling out there. some locations, gusts over 50 miles-per-hour. a lot of sunshine out there, too. we take a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> from chicago's world famous united center. the greatest, grandest, most spectacular surprise ever. the two-day farewell event
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begins. next "oprah." >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: former minnesota governor tim pawlenty announced he will seek the republic ran nomination for president. tonight has announcement came on facebook and comes after g.o.p. indiana governor mitch academies and mike huckabee say will not try to unseat president barack obama. meanwhile, president obama is trying to ease concerns his administration is veering in a pro-palestinan direction. he told a meeting of pro-israel lobbyists that his position has been misrepresented. here's the story from washington, dc. >> arguing his position has been misrepresented, president obama
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used a speech to a pro-israel lobby group to set the record straight. >> let me re-affirm what 1967 lines means. by definition, it means that the parties themselves, israelis and palestinians, will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on june 4, 1967. >> mr. obama's call for the starting point of negotiations between the israelis and palestinians set off a fire storm. in a meeting with mr. obama, benjamin netanyahu protested. >> because these lines are indefensible. >> one of the reasons the obama administration wants to use the formula is because of growing concerns that palestine will seek stathood at a u.n. meeting. the u.s. wants to avoid that. >> we oppose it, and the way to prevent that from occurring is
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to provide an alternative in direct negotiation that would foreclose or make not necessary that option. >> reporter: a return to the 1967 borders with land swaps had long been discussed privately. this was the first time an american.suggested it becomely. >> after stirring up a little controversy at home, he heads to europe for what he calls a meeting with friend and will meet with the g8 to discuss the global economy. >> alan: the new york city apartment where the former imf leader is under house arrest has been a tourist hot spot. today, open talk tour buses made their round. the 62-year-old economist is accused of sexually assaulting a maid in his hotel suite. he has denied the allegations. strauss-kahn was released from likers island jail on friday on
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$1 million bail plus $5 million bond. if you haven't noticed, gas prices have dropped nine cents of the past two weeks. a survey of fuel prices puts the average price for a gallon of regular at 3.97. in california, the lowest average price was 4.03, in fresno. san francisco paid the highest price at 4.17. the nation's highest gas prices are in chicago. 4.38 a gallon. >> weak economic data and the european debt crisis has traders concerned about demand, which is pushing prices lower. only three more inned sos before open -- episodes before open gra goes off the air. but on tuesday, at 7:30 p.m., we will air a spatial -- special at
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oprah. up next, the wind's been whipping out there. leigh glaser tells us what is ahead in the forecast next. >> mike: the sharks now in a situation where they have to sink or swim. the canucks now have a 3-1 lead in the best of
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>> alan: meteorologist leigh glaser here, it's pretty windy out here. >> leigh: it was. wind gusts at sfo at over 50 miles-per-hour, and it's been kind of a rough go of it over the bridges and overpasses today. here's a look from the golden gate bridge cam. you can see the traffic looking pretty good. and hazy snipe -- hazy sunshine overhead. current wind speeds, sfo, 49 miles-per-hour. 24 in santa rosa. 21 in novato. livermore, westerlies kicking up to 20. san jose, 22. a good indication the winds are starting to die down. where the wind is up, really temperatures already dropping down into the 50s. san francisco, 57. redwood city, 57. 68 in fairfield. 69 in antioch. 63 in san jose. so, here's a look at the highlights. as you try plan out the rest --
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the beginning of your work week. we continue with the low cloud's patchy fog overnight. it will continue with us for monday and tuesday morning, also breezy conditions tomorrow, and then things get a little interesting tuesday night and wednesday. we're going to bring in another chance of some spring showers. here's where -- here's a closeup of the satellite. we started off with passing low clouds, patchy fog near the coast. the winds, thanks to a very strong onshore wind component, helped to cool us down a few degrees today. another trough of low pressure pushed towards the east of the bay area today. this is where we are right now, and you can clearly see the low clouds stacking up on the coast. as we head into wednesday, you can see what it developing upstream, pretty strong cold front this time of year. the forecast models want to keep it strong and bring it in tuesday night and wednesday. another forecast model says,
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looks strong now but going to weaken by the time it gets here. you can bet we will see something -- some changes by mid-week. tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds and fog. by late afternoon, the sea breeze still with us. so 50s on the coast, 60s on the peninsula, and a few mid-to-low 70s in the north bay areas and extreme east bay locations tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the lows. 46 for napa. 51 in oakland, san jose, 49 degrees. 62 overnight tonight for antioch. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. much like today, wind not as strong tomorrow. we'll see a little more sunshine. 69 for cam -- campbell. upper 50s, breezy conditions at the coast. half moon bay. 58 degrees. 67 for redwood city. san francisco, 63 degrees. 70s in the north bay. sonoma marks 70.
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east bay, oakland tomorrow, 68. 67 for union city. interior east bay, concord, 72, and monterey tomorrow, a little cool, 60 degrees the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little change in the next several days. the next chance of changes could be on wednesday. there's that chance of showers. and then after that we dry things out. >> alan: the sharks have their fins up against the wall. >> mike: hockey is one of the few sports you can have a one or two-man advantage. the sharks and canucks had just that today but vancouver capitalized. sharks had the first five power plays of the game but could not convert. they often flatout missed the net. mitchell with the hooking penalty gives the canucks a five on three and vancouver takes advantage. ryan kessler goes top shelf.
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1 or canucks. then after too many men on the ice penalty, minute later, ca numbers, five on three, and sallah delivers. 2-0. 15 seconds later after a delay of game penalty, three goals in under two minutes. the sharks self-destructing. in the third, vancouver, two on one. sedin, four assist, threw neimi's legs. perez buries it. 4 or canucks. then in the third, sharks down 4-1. cloture beats luongo. at it 4-2. but she sharks are shut out the rest of the day. luongo, 33 saves on 13 shots. the canucks lead the series 3-1. >> i can't sit here and complain about the officiating. it was the team in the white that create that mess. >> too much chances and in a hole on penalties and that's
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where you have to capitalize. the second period, we had a couple of power plays, and just not sharp enough. >> you can talk about what it looks like. we got to score goals. that's it. that the bottom line. >> mike: game five tuesday nothing in vancouver. baseball, a's trying to take at least one game from the giants in this bay bridge series but the g-men with another walkoff beauty. this one of many ways to enjoy a beverage at the ball game. sanchez, took a shutout into the sixth, but josh willingham took care of that. solo shot. a's down 2-1. in the seventh, game tied at 2. coco crisp is fast. coming home. he'll beat the throw. 3-2a's, bottom eight, g-men down 32. see ya. a two-run splash hit. we're tied at 4. we go to extras. in the 11th, giants with runners on first and second. byrd lines the single to right. sweeney has a gun.
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his throw home is on the money, but suzuki can't hang on. giants sweep the as, 7 of their 13 home wins have been walkoffs this season. >> final round of the crowne invitational. toms, tied with charlie wie. spins it back. eagle puts him at 15-under. on 12, wie, one back. trouble at the beach. fairway bunker catches the lip. rolls back inch bogeys the hold. on 14, toms, 14-footer for birdie. check out this break. i'd say this is a good read. 16-under. then taps in on 18 nor win. 13th career pga tour victory and his first since 2006. another successful year 0 for the amgen tour in california, ending up in southern california. final stage takes riders from secretary a -- santa clarita and
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a steep climb. the stage winner, math few goss, but your overall winner was american chris horner, finishes with the final time to maintain his lead over levi leipheimer, horner is the oldest runner to win the rest. >> friend e french open. samantha drops her first serve but got it together right here. match point. wins in straight set. this will be going on for two weeks. >> alan: johnny depp and his band of pirates are sailing again. again. how the fourth pirates so you closed your savings account
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and buried all your money. yeah, my savings weren't growing, too many traps and fees, it's better off in a hole in the ground. where's the hole ? i got a map. where's the map ? it's tattooed on my back. nobody knows about it-- just me and the guy who did the tattoo. touch the ball, son. put your savings where they'll grow. get an orange savings account. no fees. no minimums. no tattoos. i should go get the shovel.
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>> alan: pirates captured the treasure at the box office. the "pirates of the caribbean" sequel earned more than $90 million at the box office. earned more than a quarter billion dollar in its open weekend worldwide. bride maids was second. with a little more than $26 million. that's it for us. thanks for watching.
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